Podcasts that are inspirational for writers

I am fairly new to Podcasts. I checked out my first, because of a comment left on Facebook. Since then I have come to really love them and appreciate the variety of content.

In the past, when I thought of a podcast, I envisioned AM radio-style programming; or news in monotone voices. I was wrong, but partly right in that it is original and different from the mainstream.

Podcasts are not all produced by big names or big companies. They are mostly created and driven by normal people like you and me.

The Podcasts I am covering today are those I find helpful to writers.

I was pleasantly surprised to be so entertained. What I tuned into were smart, talented, well thought out, organized programming.

The Podcasts I am sharing today are just a few of my favorites so far. I am not receiving any sort of payment for sharing them.

As a writer, you probably enjoy hearing stories, author interviews and anything that can inspire you to write. The following are either entertaining, helpful, inspiring or all three.

I will share new podcasts as I discover them.

The beauty of podcast programs is that you do not have to sit in one place to listen. I listen through Bluetooth earbuds typically. I can put up laundry while I listen to a great show. Why not learn something new while you are doing laundry?!


I have found so much inspiration from this podcast. I wish the interviews were longer, but the host, Virginia Prescott, asks good questions within a short amount of time. You will gain a wealth of advice in those 10 minutes or so. The authors featured range in background and works. Two of my favorite interviews so far have been with Joe Hill and Helen Simonson. I was inspired to discover Helen Simonson published her first book at age 45.

This podcast recently launched.

Paul Sating runs a separate podcast on writing that I follow as well. I listen to it because he is a positive, motivating person. You can learn more about his other works at:


I first learned about “The Stories We Tell” when I joined a writing group on Facebook(Horrible Writing Writers support group). There I was welcomed and made to feel right at home. But. They are serious writers and take this learning the craft thing with utter respect. Upon joining I learned they carry out monthly writing challenges.

Your competitor? Yourself. They are challenges to force you to write in different styles, different genres-different from what you are used to.

From those challenges “The Stories We Tell” podcast was born. It features those very stories from the monthly writing challenges. The stories on the podcast itself have been selected by a panel of judges.

The podcast: I listened this month and I have to say I was blown away. There are different narrators, background sound effects and the stories featured-Amazing! You will be thoroughly entertained.


This show introduced me to Podcasts. It is run by Aaron Mahnke. The podcast has branched off in many directions and can be watched on TV now through Amazon prime. I have watched it and its creepy while still being insightful. I love history and this is why I love this show. It is researched well and plan on learning a lot while getting that creepy fix(if you enjoy a good scare). Aaron Mahnke’s other podcasts have a similar vibe. I enjoy listening to all of them-especially on a dark and rainy day. 😉

The podcast below I have not listened to, but am eager to.


” Twice-monthly community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, where every conspiracy theory is true” (Taken from the podcast info section. )

I read an article saying that FX was developing the show for a TV series. I’m including the link to “Welcome to Night Vale” in case you would like more information:


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