Nora Roberts inspirational Facebook post

Appearance of Nora Roberts writer page.

Nora Roberts website link where you can see her books and other author information:

In reaction to someone plagiarizing her work and some questions that arose apparently about her own work, Nora Roberts, posted a very inspiring post to her writer page.

The most recent plagiarism story can be found at the links below:

This Plagiarism Scandal Has Rocked the World of Romance Novels

To briefly sum up what happened: fans of a different Romance novelist(not Nora Roberts) alerted her to the fact that paragraphs or pieces of her work(word for word) were in another book, not belonging to her. When she spoke out a domino effect ensued. Other writers began discovering their own work had been plagiarized by the same writer.

I started reading Nora Robert’s post expecting to get more details on the matter. I am always curious of how a writer can protect their work in this day and age. The music world has gone through steps to protect its artists. I feel books are next-and should be; months, even years can go into writing a single book.

Nora Roberts response to the situation was not what I expected. She was defending her work-her brand, by telling us all that goes into writing(not all but you know what I mean). I found her post to be encouraging. So much so I felt inspired to start writing-right, then and there.


Above is the link to her Facebook post.

A second plagiarism accusation against Nora Roberts occurred in 2018. I’ll sum it up and below is a link for a more thorough explanation.

A new author released her first novel within a close time frame, in which Nora Roberts released a book as well. The two books shared some similar words. The new author allegedly stated or said something to the effect that authors shouldn’t copy each others titles. This statement was made apparently with a photo of both books side by side.

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