“The Lottery” A story you’ll never forget.

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Written by Shirley Jackson, “The Lottery” was first received with mixed reviews. Mostly shocked and frightened ones and one reader apparently thought the lottery winner would win a washing machine.

The story shows a demonstration of mob mentality. How either through tradition or community pressure an otherwise good person can do awful things.

I’m shocked at the initial reactions at its release in the 1940s; deep within the time of mob-style attacks on minorities.

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When I started to read this story I immediately loved the tone and the characters. The prospect of something horrible happening had me clinging to every word.

The author skillfully captures ordinary conversations and relationships and merges them with chilling thrill.

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“The Lottery” is part of a collection of other short stories written by, Shirley Jackson, titled: The Lottery and Other Stories.

She is also the author of “The Haunting Of Hill House”

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In this story, the writer taps into the fear that comes with being on the other end of a unified mob. Imagine a group of people you know and love have accepted that you must die. Terrifying.

I love how Shirley Jackson has the ability to show the most ordinary people doing things that would be considered barbaric; like murder, biblical style.

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