Visiting a Small Town library

This building is now a museum. I snapped this picture inside the lobby of the current library.

The building above was the original library. Sadly, the current library is now in a much smaller brick building. The larger building is still in excellent condition and I have visited, although only the first floor is open to visitors; now as a heritage museum.

As a book lover, I would have loved to walk around the old building looking for books or sitting to read or write. From my own experience, the current library building is too small for its growing community. I really hope they return it back to its original home. And I just wanted to add the staff is amazingly sweet and kind.

The current library building
As you can see they have made the most of their limited space. It is cozy I’ll admit, in a good way.
Inside the now heritage museum.

I found some treasures in the only library in town. Books that normally would be sold off are kept alongside newer publications.

The book below I checked out and brought home to explore. It is a collection of short stories written by African American writers. If you enjoy history you will like this. The stories reveal a lot about the lives and times of the authors. It was originally published in 1967 and features 47 stories! I loved this book so much I plan on buying it.

I regret not taking photos of the table of contents. But, I will update this soon with a photo of it.

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