The Alien Chihuahua by: Bel Nel (micro-fiction)

I wrote this as part of Horrible Writing Facebook group challenge.

*some references to death, some gore

Words 498

“The Alien Chihuahua”

By: Bel Nel

My group met weekly for UFO meetings in the foothills of Monterrey, Mexico. Those mountains attracted everything; UFOs, flying witches, chupacabras, even an Irish expat like me.

Only two weeks have gone by since the aliens landed. Yet, It’s hard to imagine a time when we were eager for alien encounters.

It was Marisol’s birthday when they came. She was the one who maintained our UFO podcast. Her home doubled as our meeting place because of its proximity to the mountains.

Her backyard had a view to die for.

What a statement to be making, now, because so many have died since then. The world got to celebrate for a few days before those “things” started to suck the brains out of everything walking.

My fantasies of being interviewed on every news station never came to be. As soon as we uploaded our video to YouTube, others soon filled the spotlight. Videos of silvery skinned humanoids dying in the streets and then other monstrous creatures appeared.

Creatures, the media dubbed “The Alien Chihuahua”.

They were hardly anything like the shivering, lap dog. They quickly adapted to our sun, to our air; to developing a liking for fresh, hot brains.

Yesterday Pablo was the first to run out of Marisol’s house. We all hadn’t eaten in days. Hungry and desperate, others from my group soon followed and then me. I said goodbye to Marisol, but not before pleading with her to leave, too.

When I came out, my friends were all gone.

I moved frantically looking over my shoulder every few minutes. With no plan but to find food, I wandered aimlessly through abandoned, ransacked businesses. None of which felt familiar to me anymore, until I spotted Oscar’s; a grocery and taqueria.

I pushed my weakened body to make it the store and pulled the door open like I was busting a cheating lover. When I did the alien creature stood before me, illuminated in the sun I had let in. Chihuahua like as the media stated, but with faint, red fur. It rattled its tail at me and instantly the small creature was on top of my head. I heard myself yelp like a wounded animal readying for the inevitable.

It slithered through my loose hair, the movement reminding me of a snake. Then it abruptly stopped. With its claws gripping to my scalp, it peered down at me in a goofy, upside-down way that made me laugh. It loosened its hold and molded it’s body to my neck where it purred like a kitten and played with my red hair like a ball of yarn.

Before me were my friends; dead and mutilated. The creature jumped off and rubbed against my leg and then rolled over on it’s back. I knelt down and rubbed the creature telling it what a good boy it was. On the grocery shelf, I saw a bag of dog food and I wondered at the possibilities.

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